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Dedicated Dog Training in and around Phoenix

Not an Ordinary Dog Training Company

Not an Ordinary Dog Training Company

All our trainers are highly dedicated individuals.

With years of experience and knowledge and solutions.

They help enhance the bond between pets and owners through:


Positive Communication,

And more.


Pet Partners Evaluation

Pet Partners Evaluations

Attention! The Pet Partners Evaluations are held on Saturday every other month. Please check back with us at a later date.


If you've been working to register with Pet Partners, we'd be happy to perform an evaluation for you.

Simply click the button to the left, and choose a date and time for your evaluation.

Specializing in Results Oriented Obedience Training

We're professionally trained to handle dogs of all ages and temperaments.

We transform them into polite, well-mannered dogs.

Polite dogs are happy dogs​.

Happy dogs lead to happy owners.


Training New Behaviors for a Well Mannered Dog

At Waggin' Train, we train you and your dog(s). We address all aspects and issues of Dog Behavior for you to achieve a well mannered pt, through Training and Management. From Puppyhood, Juvenile, and Adult behaviors  ​

All Stages of Behaviors and Manners

Potty Training, Nipping/biting, jumping, Barking​

Jumping/Greeting, Door Etiquette, Boundaries

Leash Manners: Loose Leash and Heel

And everything in between

Our Passion​

Aggression: Fear Based Aggression and Dog to dog, Dog to Human​

Under socialized: "puppy-mill", hoarding, "street-dogs"


Training New Behaviors
Results Oriented Training

Contact us Today About Training for You and Your Dog

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Pet Partners Evaluations
Programs That Fit Your Needs

Dog Training Packages to fit your needs.

We offer everything you need to fit your Training needs and Lifestyle.


1 - Time Consultation​

3 - Sessions

5 - Sessions

7 - Sessions

10 - Sessions

In-Home "Boot Camp" - We call it Absent Owner

Arizona Pool Dogs

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Waggin’ Train LLC are the expert dog trainers with the highest standards of training in the country. We offer a unique blend of dog training along with personal development while focusing on the emotional and mental health of your dog. We have a rigorous and advanced dog trainers program aimed at improving the relationship with man’s best friend.

Despite humans and dogs speaking different languages, dogs have an intimate and dynamic relationship with humans. At Waggin’ Train LLC, we understand dogs’ behaviors and we have highly dedicated dog trainers who know how to effectively change behaviors in a simple, effective, and stress-free process for both dogs and humans by utilizing the Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) philosophy.

In this way, we help you become the companion your dog needs you to be and you get to enjoy the companionship of a well-mannered and balanced dog.

As consummate dog trainers, our top priorities are understanding your needs, listening to your concerns, and helping you become your own best dog trainer to positively shape your dog’s behaviors.

Our methods are based on non-confrontation, positive reinforcement, leadership skills, confidence building tools, using food treats, play & PRAISE.


Our Core Values

Get Results

Respect and Caring

Integrity and Passion

Have Fun

Think and act Holistically

Create your pet’s Future


Waggin' Train specializes in results-oriented Obedience Training.


Waggin' Train dog trainers are professionally trained to handle dogs of all ages and temperaments and transform them into polite and well-mannered dogs. Polite and well-mannered dogs are happy dogs, and happy dogs lead to happy owners. You will start witnessing results from the very first day of training, and we guarantee that these improvements will continue throughout your dog’s lifetime! After our training sessions, you will gain the tools and techniques necessary to have a well-rounded pet.


Waggin' Train experienced dog trainers works around your schedule and lifestyle to ensure you gain basic knowledge on the best dog handling skills, while your dog will be great mannered and trained in:

Potty Training

Plus Basic – Training

Loose Leash Walking

Proper Door Greetings

Boundaries – Indoor/Outdoor



As the dog owner, Waggin’ Train’s dog trainers program will, in turn, equip you with skills to better understand your pet’s behavioral issues, and you can better train, manage, and virtually eliminate your dog’s behavioral issues such as:




Under Socialization

Fearful or Shy





Breeding Farms



About us

Waggin' Train’s passion for dogs is second to none. Waggin' Train has assembled a team of experienced and talented trainers who are leaders in the field of pet dog training. Our dog trainers’ knowledge, confidence, and love of animals quickly become apparent when the owner of the dog sees immediate results. Our services are centered on giving maximum satisfaction to our dog owners by nurturing the behavior of their dog, which is the most important factor in determining how much you will enjoy your pet. Our positive reinforcement-based and confidence building dog training methods are based on our years of experience and have proved to be successful in creating an unbreakable bond for our clients and their dogs.

Our mission is to build a lasting and loving relationship between dog and owner to provide a superior quality of life for both the owner and pet. We pride ourselves on staying educated and current on all the newest developments and training methods so we may better serve you and your companion animal.




In-home training

Waggin' Train comes to you! You will get dog training at the comfort of your home.

This is the perfect way to receive a custom and individual assessment of your dog's behavior. After all, this is where most of the interactions with your dog happens. This allows our dog trainers to recommend the best way to address any issues, and often demonstrate how to do address them right then and there. We help set up your home to facilitate housetraining, avoid destructive chewing, jumping, biting, manners and so much more! Our dog trainers are disciplined and have passed background checks which should give you peace of mind with strangers in your home.

Since this is your environment, we emphasize on you owning the session and, therefore, we adapt to your lifestyle and requirements for best results. Together, we plan training and behavior modification and management, and based on your needs we may make suggestions based on our conversation or if we see potential behaviors or situations that need to be addressed.


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