Dedicated Dog Training in and around Phoenix

Pet Partners Evaluation

Pet Partners Evaluations

If you've been working to register with Pet Partners, we'd be happy to perform an evaluation for you.

Simply click the button to the left, and choose a date and time for your evaluation.

Specializing in Results Oriented Obedience Training

We're professionally trained to handle dogs of all ages and temperaments.

We transform them into polite, well-mannered dogs.

Polite dogs are happy dogs​.

Happy dogs lead to happy owners.

Not an Ordinary Dog Training Company

All our trainers are highly dedicated individuals.

With years of experience and knowledge and solutions.

They help enhance the bond between pets and owners through:


Positive Communication,

And more.


Training New Behaviors for a Well Mannered Dog

At Waggin' Train, we train you and your dog(s). We address all aspects and issues of Dog Behavior for you to achieve a well mannered pt, through Training and Management. From Puppyhood, Juvenile, and Adult behaviors  ​

All Stages of Behaviors and Manners

Potty Training, Nipping/biting, jumping, Barking​

Jumping/Greeting, Door Etiquette, Boundaries

Leash Manners: Loose Leash and Heel

And everything in between

Our Passion​

Aggression: Fear Based Aggression and Dog to dog, Dog to Human​

Under socialized: "puppy-mill", hoarding, "street-dogs"



Contact us Today About Training for You and Your Dog


Dog Training Programs That Fit Your Needs

We offer a variety of packages to fit your Training needs and Lifestyle.


1-Time Consultation​

3-10 sessions

Absent Owner Training an In-Home "Boot Camp"


Training your Dog to be Safe in the Pool

We've teamed up with Arizona Pool Dogs, who will teach your dog to:

Safely and calmly locate and swim to the pool steps​

Pool manners

Swim for Exercise

Give us a call so that you and your dog can enjoy those hot summers that much more!

Call Today at (480) 510-1148

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Upcoming Event

Saturday April 3rd 10:30 am – 2:00pm

Phx Children’s Hospital Conference Center

10- signup spaces

(or however many will fit in that time frame – last one starts at 2:30ish)


Time allotments 45 minutes

Want to train your pup and still practice social distancing?